You’ve graduated!

Your Fuqua alumni journey starts now, and we are here to answer all your questions. These FAQs will make your transition to post-student life a little bit easier.

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If you earned a degree from Fuqua, congratulations—you are automatically a member of the Fuqua and Duke alumni communities! There is no registration to complete. You are one of 28,000+ Fuqua alumni and 190,000+ Duke alumni worldwide. As an alumnus/a, you are invited to take part in benefits, resources, and programming offered by Fuqua’s Development and Alumni Relations team and Duke Alumni Engagement and Development.

Make sure that Fuqua has a current email and mailing address on file. We will communicate with you primarily by email about upcoming events on campus and in your community. By knowing where you are living, we can ensure you are invited to events in your region. You can also stay informed about events and activities by following @FuquaAlumni on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Use the Fuqua Alumni directory to network with Fuqua alumni or find a friend or alumnus who shares your interests. You can search by geography, company, title, program, or class year.

Join the Fuqua LinkedIn Group—with over 16,000 members, the Fuqua alumni group is a great way to connect and network.

Duke Alumni Engagement and Development’s Duke alumni directory gives you access to more than 190,000 Duke alumni around the world. You can also browse Duke alumni groups by affinity, industry, region, and more.

Benefits include free access to job search resources, career coaching sessions, career webinars, events, and more. For more information, visit the “Work” section of Fuqua’s alumni website. In addition, Duke Alumni Engagement and Development offers a number of career resources for all Duke alumni. 


Questions about career specific resources for recent graduates? Contact

The Ford Library gives you access to select databases, e-books and business journals that will help you excel in your current function and industry or achieve your long-term career goals. In addition, you are welcome to visit the Library in person or you can obtain a borrower's card to use at other Duke libraries.

To update your address, phone number, email, or employment information, you can:

Class Communication Chairs collect personal and professional news for quarterly publication in Fuqua's online class notes. The class notes are published quarterly. If you are not receiving periodic requests for updates from a classmate, your class may need a new chair. Contact to explore this volunteer opportunity. You also will be invited back to campus for class reunions every five years.

In most cases, student email accounts expire one year after graduation, but you can get an address that you can use as a full account or forward to your preferred inbox—it’s your permanent link to Duke. To learn more visit the Duke Alumni Engagement and Development website. (Note: you will be able to set up your alumni email address shortly after graduation).

Duke OneLink is a service that allows alumni and friends to sign in to select Duke online systems. OneLink requires registration so that Duke can associate your OneLink credentials to a new or existing Duke account.  You can choose to link your Duke identity to a social account (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Yahoo) or if you prefer to have a separate username and password to sign in to OneLink supported services, you may create a new set of credentials through the OneLink ID process. Click here to set up your OneLink account, or access the OneLink account you may have created when you applied to Fuqua

There are many Duke alumni groups organized by affinity, industry, region, and school. You can learn more at There are also a number of region- and affinity-based Fuqua LinkedIn groups, including:


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Welcome to the Fuqua alumni community!



Join the Fuqua Alumni LinkedIn Group

With more than 16,000 members, the Fuqua Alumni LinkedIn Group is a great way to make new connections and seek input from the Fuqua alumni community. Whether you're looking for business advice, hoping to connect with fellow alumni in your industry, or re-connecting with classmates and friends, this closed group is a great place to chat among friends near and far.



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