Keller Society Step-Up Challenge

Fuqua is proud to recognize donors making annual gifts of $2,500 or more to the school as members of the Thomas F. Keller Leadership Donor Society. Students and recent graduates up to four years post-graduation (Classes of 2020 to 2025 for the 2023-2024 academic year) may join the Keller Society with a minimum gift of $1,000.

With the changes to Fuqua’s leadership donor level in 2021, the school kicked off a three-year challenge to increase membership in the Keller Society. The Keller Society Step-Up Challenge aims to encourage past Keller Society members to increase their giving to the new leadership giving level and to inspire new members to join, demonstrating their leadership in our community. Please consider joining the Keller Society and encouraging those in your Fuqua network to join you.

2021-2022 1,620 alumni and friends
2022-2023 1,534 alumni and friends
2023-2024 Goal of 1,750 alumni and friends


We have ambitious goals, but history shows how Team Fuqua comes together for one another and the school, time and time again.

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962 members toward our 1,750 member goal as of May 13, 2024.


Why did we change the Keller Society giving level?

In 2022, Fuqua celebrated the 50th anniversary of graduating our first MBA class—the Daytime MBA Class of 1972. Many things have changed over the past 50 years on both local and global scales. Alumni donors have been instrumental in the school’s 50-year history, taking Fuqua from a small southeastern U.S. business school to a leading institution in global business education. Fuqua alumni and friends made this possible through their generous investments—a tribute to Team Fuqua’s love of and commitment to the school and to one another.

In acknowledgement of the changing landscape of business education from 1972 to now, Fuqua has changed the membership criteria for the Thomas F. Keller Leadership Donor Society. Since its inception as a school, Fuqua has defined a “leadership” gift as a donation of $1,000 or more. To be on par with peer business schools, recognize inflation since the establishment of this level, and continue to increase vital resources that come through philanthropy, Fuqua has raised its leadership gift level to $2,500 or more ($1,000 or more for recent graduates up to four years post-graduation).

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Fuqua Keller Society sock photo collage
Our Keller Society members are sporting the latest in Fuqua fashion. Show us your socks on social media by using the hashtag #FuquaStepsUp!