Peter A Ubel


Madge and Dennis T. McLawhorn University Professor

Academic Area: Marketing
Phone Number: +1.919.660.8003

Mailing Information

Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business
100 Fuqua Drive
Durham, NC 27708


Peter Ubel M.D. is a physician and behavioral scientist whose research and writing explores the mixture of rational and irrational forces that affect our health, our happiness and the way our society functions.  

Ubel is the Madge and Dennis T. McLawhorn University Professor of Business, Public Policy and Medicine at Duke. He uses the tools of decision psychology and behavioral economics to explore topics like informed consent, shared decision making and health care cost containment. His books include Pricing Life: Why it’s time for healthcare rationing (MIT Press 2000),  Free Market Madness: How economics is at odds with human nature—and why it matters (Harvard Business Press, 2009), Critical Decisions (HarperCollins, 2012) and Sick to Debt (Yale, 2019). You can find his blogs and other information at http://www.peterubel.com/.