Elevate your professional journey with the Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management—a true mark of distinction. This certificate signifies your completion of a curated learning experience, enriching your professional competencies and knowledge base. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge research, industry insights, and top-notch teaching of Fuqua faculty, empowering you to thrive in the dynamic global business landscape with honed leadership and management skills.

Customize your professional development by delving into electives ranging from management and communications to negotiations and finance. Seize the opportunity to advance your knowledge, skills, and leadership acumen and add the Duke mark of excellence to your professional portfolio.

Who Should Attend?


Earning the Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management is a powerful testament to your professional growth. The certificate broadcasts your identity as a dynamic business leader who values career growth and is committed to continuous development. Tailor your learning journey by choosing programs that align with your goals and organizational needs, acquiring expertise directly applicable on the job and assuring a robust return on your educational investment.


Ignite the potential within your team with the Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management—an investment that can yield substantial returns across your organization. Empower your high-potential employees and current leaders to implement fresh knowledge and cutting-edge approaches, fostering a shared language and understanding across teams and business units. In a fiercely competitive talent market, the certificate serves as a strategic tool for recruitment and retention. By investing in professional development, you not only fortify your team but also fuel growth and transformation aligned with organizational strategy.

To discover how your organization can qualify for a volume discount on each enrollment, contact us at execed-info@duke.edu


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Certificate ROI

  • Curate a learning journey to fit the specific development needs of you or your team
  • Immerse yourself and learn from the expertise of top-ranked Fuqua School of Business faculty
  • Forge valuable connections with diverse executives spanning various industries, roles, and backgrounds
  • Stay ahead with a monthly e-newsletter packed with insights into Fuqua faculty research, and information on events and cutting-edge programs
  • Gain membership to the private Executive Education LinkedIn Group, connecting with fellow leaders
  • Boost your professional brand by showcasing the completion of the Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management on your resume and on your social media accounts
  • Earn a distinguishing certificate of completion signed by the Dean of The Fuqua School of Business

Please note: the Certificate of Leadership and Management does not contribute towards set designations (e.g. CPA, Actuary, etc.)

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Certificate Requirements

The Certificate of Leadership & Management is a customized learning program that combines a core leadership foundation with elective programs. All programs required for completion are non-degree, open enrollment offerings.

To successfully earn the certificate, participants must complete the Duke Leadership Program and three elective programs from the following list within a three-year period. Virtual and in-person classes can be combined.

The required number of programs can be taken in any order within the three-year period.

Program Costs

After attending their first Duke Executive Education program, participants qualify for a 15% discount on future program enrollments.

Costs vary depending on the electives chosen. To calculate the total the cost of the certificate program, add the full cost of your first course, plus the cost of the three additional courses, factoring in the 15% discount.

Please contact our team at execed-info@duke.edu if you have questions about program costs or volume discounts for your team/organization.

How to Start

No application is needed to pursue the certificate.

Please reach out to start your certificate journey by emailing us at execed-info@duke.edu to express your interest in earning the certificate. A member of the Executive Education team will respond shortly to consult with you on curating the certificate to meet your professional needs.