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Duke University's Fuqua School of Business creates collaborative leaders for the future of global business. Our graduates are determined to make a positive difference in the world, imbuing their work with a sense of emotional intelligence and social responsibility.

Here you will find a diverse, driven, intelligent, and team-oriented group of ethical leaders. They arrive at Duke from all regions of the world to pursue a wide range of career paths. Our graduates accept positions in every job function, industry, and geography that comprises today's increasingly dynamic and global business landscape.  

Fuqua Talent

Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics

MQM: Business Analytics students prepare for careers in data-based problem solving through this 10-month degree program designed to provide a foundation in data analytics with a focus on specific issues in one of four industry domains. In addition to learning data science tools, students build critical thinking and communication skills to enable them to ask the right questions, generate insights, and present solutions effectively. Designed for students with 0-3 years’ work experience, MQM is a STEM-designated degree giving international students meeting certain requirements the opportunity to work in the United States for three years without sponsorship.  

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Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business

Graduates of the MMS program, a pre-experience graduate business program, combine strong undergraduate academic study with a foundation in business disciplines, making them stand-out as well-educated early professionals who can immediately add value. In 10 months, the MMS program integrates a rigorous business curriculum with students’ prior training in business, liberal arts and sciences. MMS candidates learn core business skills while building critical thinking and communication skills to enable them to ask the right questions, generate insights, and present solutions effectively. MMS students can opt into an elective track in Management Science and Technology Management (MSTeM) which involves additional coursework in quantitative tools and business-related applications to managing technology. A Fuqua client consulting practicum is also available as an elective.

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Daytime MBA / Accelerated Daytime MBA

As an organization, you are looking for leaders who demonstrate competence, character, and purpose – thinkers and doers who can maneuver the complexities of interdependent issues. Duke MBA Daytime students possess the technical acumen, personal attributes, and moral compass to both “get along” and “get it right.” The Duke MBA – Daytime program provides a rigorous academic experience that allows students to specialize in select areas of study through concentrations. Formal classes are augmented by a myriad of practicum opportunities, independent studies, global academic travel experiences and internships that further enhance their experience and prepare them to be global leaders of consequence.

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Weekend Executive MBA

The Duke MBA—Weekend Executive program is designed to help full-time working professionals earn a world-class MBA in 19 months. The rigorous curriculum and emphasis on cohort learning combine to ensure students become leaders who can empower teams to do what’s best for both the business and the community. The program runs from May to December of the following year. Students can choose from 5 optional concentrations or can achieve a certificate in Health Sector Management. They also have the option of attending a Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE). 

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Global Executive MBA

The Duke MBA–Global Executive Program is designed to help full-time working professionals from around the globe earn a world-class MBA in 18 months. The curriculum emphasizes how culture and institutions shape business in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America through cohort learning and international residencies. The program takes students to key global business hubs, giving them exposure to the local business environments unique to that region and enables them to build business acumen and a diverse global network. Students very quickly develop effective working relationships to accomplish their coursework, despite being spread across 12+ different time zones. 

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MSQM: Health Analytics--online

Professionals with strong quantitative backgrounds prepare for decision making in the health sector through this 17-month program combining business fundamentals, advanced data analytics, and industry context. Candidates go through a comprehensive curriculum spanning technical skills, advanced problem-solving methods, and the study of different health sectors and policies. They develop the analytics skills to help health organizations and business leaders improve medical care and strengthen financial performance. Fuqua’s team-based learning environment fosters intensive collaboration skills and creates a focus on building relationships and creating value for the organization.

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MSQM: Business Analytics--online / Accelerated MSQM: Business Analytics--online

Designed for working professionals with strong quantitative backgrounds, the 19-month online Master of Science in Quantitative Management: Business Analytics program provides the business fundamentals and advanced data-analytics training needed for decision-making in modern business environments. As professionals who can go beyond the mere mechanics and identify business insights from business analytics, students are in high demand in companies seeking to reap the full benefits of the growing surge of big data and advances in data science and digital technology in order to improve business outcomes and drive innovations.

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Global Talent

Fuqua’s international talent provides the expertise and diverse perspective your company needs in the global economy and marketplace. These individuals have a great understanding of cross-cultural business management and development, and represent diversity to enhance your organization. They are considered among the brightest and most highly motivated within their countries, and have demonstrated courage to tackle the unknown and excel in diverse workplaces.

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Fuqua Alumni

Connect with experienced leaders across the globe through Fuqua Alumni. We can assist you with convenient options to meet your experienced talent needs at multiple levels. 

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Over 200 companies come to campus each year to recruit our students and we receive almost 3,000 job postings every year.  Whether you're an active recruiter, potential employer, alumnus, student, or prospective student, we hope you find value in learning about the full-time positions and internships accepted by our students, and the premier organizations that hire them.

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