MQM: Business Analytics Student Alexandra Springate
“I am most passionate about building relationships with my classmates. Through discussions with my friend group, I learned insights about different family expectations, habits, and ways of living. Understanding other people has helped me learn about myself, the value of respect, and the importance of helping people feel a sense of belonging to create a successful community.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2023

My Program Track:

Consulting / Financial Services

Prior Education:

Duke University
Economics with Finance Concentration, 2022
Dallas, Texas

Why I Chose Fuqua

I wanted exposure to a range of management fields that shape the business world. MQM accelerates my understanding of business fundamentals so I can be a strong contributor and leader. Courses are tailored to learning about new products and innovations, so I will be ready to contribute to meeting emerging needs. Most importantly, Fuqua gives me the opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills through learning from professors, courses, and classmates. The heavy emphasis on teamwork has strengthened my collaboration and communication skills. The class’s diversity has allowed me to better understand different thinking and business styles. My classmates have undoubtedly broadened my thinking through their unique perspectives and approaches to challenges.

Before Fuqua

I had internship experiences as an analyst in start up businesses.  From these internships, I got first-hand experience in creating strategies, defining opportunities, assessing risks and understanding how to collaborate on important projects. I also learned the importance of data analytics in creating and implementing effective strategies and understanding performance.

After Fuqua

I plan on working as a management consultant or in financial services because I like the fast learning curve offered by working across industries and companies. Building on the foundation I have established at Fuqua, I want to continue to be multi-disciplined by working across various industries. With my experiences in MQM and consulting, I hope to eventually help fuel a company’s success and create a positive impact on the world.

5 Fuqua Bucket List Ideas

  1. Jazz Night at Mary Lou Williams Center: The Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, located on Duke’s Main Campus, offers the opportunity to listen to live jazz music. Great way to unwind after your day.
  2. Go to the DPAC: The Durham Performing Arts Center is the place for live entertainment. The events and venue are spectacular.
  3. Tent + Duke Basketball Game: Nothing beats a basketball game in Cameron Indoor with the Crazies!
  4. Walk the Al Buehler Trail: A beautiful walking trail near the Washington Duke Inn, it’s about 3 miles long with lots of pretty trees and views.
  5. Fuqua Fridays: Every Friday, current students, faculty, alumni (if in town), and families gather to enjoy good food, drinks, and company.

Learning Coding in MQM

I was surprised how much I liked one of our most challenging courses, a SQL course. I had limited coding background before MQM, so I was nervous about producing high quality work in an intensive course. With the guidance of a great professor and help from amazing classmates, I was able to rise to the challenge. I proved to myself that I was able to grow and excel in challenging environments. I hope to help encourage others to do the same!

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