Daytime MBA Student Jaime Henry-White
“Fuqua has shown me how to lean into my strengths as a communicator and overall facilitator by owning my voice and story in classes and in workshop settings. Through feedback from professors and classmates, I’ve began to truly realize how, when, and why I shine and to truly be proud of what I have to offer the business world.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2023
Climate & Sustainability

Prior Education:

University of Missouri
MA, International Journalism, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri

Why I Chose Fuqua

I chose Fuqua because it was a business school that I saw truly “walking the walk” when it came to social impact and sustainability. Both EDGE and CASE have played a huge role in my personal and professional development, and I credit that to the experts and mentors housed here at Fuqua. Coming from a non-profit background, I have felt welcomed and uplifted since the day I applied. The sense of authentic community spoke volumes to me.



Five Best Fuqua Activities

  1. Fuqua Vision + Fuqua Fridays – my favorite Fridays are the ones where you get the best of both worlds. All your classmates, professors, and Fuqua families gather together for free food and drinks, followed by watching the best comedy sketches filmed and produced by the funniest of Fuquans!
  2. Any event thrown by LASA, INDUS, BLMBAO, or FuquaPride – you will not want to miss Día de Los Muertos, Holi or Diwali celebrations, BLMBAO’s 90s party, nor the FuquaPride Drag show. They’re all epic and showcase the incredible diversity of identities at Fuqua!
  3. Fuqua Travels – any opportunity to travel for a weekend road trip to the Carolina beaches or to another country with Fuquans is an amazing way of making new friends and long-lasting memories! Consider studying abroad or doing a special trip during holiday breaks.
  4. JB Duke Hangs – nothing hits better than a nice little lunch or happy hour at the JB Duke Hotel lobby for some extra added luxury to your day. The tree-lined bridge connecting Fuqua to the hotel is one of my faves!
  5. Quality time with friends – Fuqua is a very social place (even for the most extroverted) so prioritizing 1-1 time and intimate settings with friends to be your fullest and vulnerable self is important. We’re lucky to live within a beautifully diverse and wildly talented community, so don’t miss the special relationship-building moments that fill your own personal cup.

My Life Before Fuqua

I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic and focused on rural livelihoods, community development, and early childhood literacy with the Department of Education. Afterward, I worked in project management for NGOs and socially-focused small/medium enterprises in Latin America in the areas of sustainable tourism, conservation, regenerative agriculture, and economic development.

My Life After Fuqua

I will be a consultant with Accenture Strategy in their sustainability practice and for other adjacent climate and social impact initiatives at the firm. I’ll leverage the foundational business skills I’ve learned at school and deepen my expertise in ESG to support the shifting needs of the private sector. Long-term, I am interested in working with social enterprises and/or impact investing in food, climate, and agriculture.

My Fuqua Activities

CASE i3 (Initiative on Impact Investing)

Gender Equity Working Group

CASE Fellow

MBA Association (DEI)


Net Impact Club

Fuqua on Board

Black and Latinx MBA Organization (Ally)

“I am passionate about DEI work and fostering inclusive leadership at Fuqua. I look forward to incorporating these lessons into my career. Through the Gender Equity Working Group, FuquaPride, and BLMBAO, in collaboration with other incredible affinity club leaders, we are working to ensure that equity is prioritized at Fuqua and integrated in the workplace post-Fuqua in tangible, meaningful ways."
Daytime MBA Student Shasha Zhao
Daytime MBA

Shasha Zhao

Class of 2023
Daytime MBA Student Erica Charles
Daytime MBA

Erica Charles

Class of 2023
Daytime MBA Student Hana Kerkebane
Daytime MBA

Hana Kerkebane

Class of 2024
Daytime MBA Student Jose Pumarejo
Daytime MBA

Jose Pumarejo (Puma)

Class of 2023